We are happy to hear from the “parents” of the animals we have helped! Here’s Speck. She was Extremely SHY while at the shelter, but looks like she’s loving her forever home!

“…Speck comes in every night to sleep and since its been cold she has been coming in during the day and snuggles up on the bed with us. She loves to be held and even loves having her belly rubbed! My other cat Charlie like a lot of cats would scratch our hands off if we tried to rub her belly but not Speck she loves it! Thank you for taking her in and getting her fixed. You guys gave her a chance to live a great life by doing that! … Here are a few pics I took of her. Once again thank you so much for helping all the animals and taking care of them and finding them homes. You all are awesome for helping them!”Speck-1 Speck-2