100% Guaranteed Foolproof Method to Win the Lottery Jackpot

Are you searching for a 100% guaranteed foolproof method to win the lottery jackpot? I have an infallible system that works every time, without fail!

You’re probably dying to know what this method is, aren’t you? OK, here it is; here’s how to guarantee a lottery jackpot win – Buy every single combination of numbers that there is. That way, you can’t lose.

I know, that’s not what you wanted to hear. That would cost too much money and is not even practical. You wanted to find some kind of system that will help you win without spending much money. Well, here’s the bad news – No matter how hard you search for this type of system, you won’t find it. I mean, you will find people that try to sell you on a system that they claim is guaranteed to make you a winner, but it will be a lie. There’s no such system that exists.

Do you want to know why there is no foolproof lottery method to help you win? Consider this – Let’s say, in theory, that such a method does exist. If it was real and it worked, everybody would do it. Everybody would win the jackpot. Do you know what would happen if everybody that played the lotto actually won? The jackpot would be just a few dollars, at most. That’s because it would have to be split between thousands of people. That’s not going to happen now, will it?

The lottery is a random game of chance. Many will play it, but only a few will win it. That’s the way it works. There’s actually almost a 100% chance that you will never win it. Damn, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Sorry!

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