American Diversity Visa, Win Your Green Card With The Lottery

The United States of America is considered by many to be the land of opportunity. A place to live where your freedoms are protected and your opportunities to succeed and live the American dream is as equal a chance as anyone either living here or coming here from another country. There are several options foreigners can use to come to America to work and live, but the easiest ways are through work visas. These are temporary, and allows for non-citizens to work in the US for a predetermined amount of time.

There are many people who want to live in the US on a permanent basis, but what are their options? As soon as someone decides that America is their choice destination to form a permanent life to work and raise a family, the option available is the American diversity program. This is a lottery system where foreigners file a lottery application with the US immigration department and wait for results in hopes they are picked. The lottery picks at random so no one can be sure they will win the opportunity to live permanently in America. This is important since those who apply could wait many years before their applications are picked and can’t really plan until it actually happens.

Not all citizens of all countries are eligible to apply. This is due to the number of regular applications to enter and live in the US that is sent in. The American diversity lottery, also known as, the USA Green card lottery is designed to promote diversity. The US sets a certain number of people who can be accepted to live in the US, and if the number of regular applications grows to a larger amount than the quota dictates, then those countries citizens are usually not allowed to apply for a green card via the lottery system. Countries like China, the UK, Mexico and Canada usually have an enormous amount of applicants that surpass the quotas so they are left out of the eligibility process.

There are two ways for those citizens who live in countries not eligible to apply to the American Diversity Lottery to become eligible. One is if their parents are originally citizens of a country that is on the eligible list and the second is if you merry someone who is a citizen from an eligible country.

Getting a permanent residency status in the US in not an easy task, but there are ways and the sooner someone makes the decision to live in the US and takes action, the less wait time they will have to endure.

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