Casibot Blackjack Bot – Does it Really Work?

Casibot is the best piece of betting software on the planet. Not only does it play perfect strategy for blackjack and video poker, but it helps you make money! Yes, you heard right it DOES help you make money and beat the online casinos.

Let’s run down a little of what Casibot can do for you:

– Plays perfect strategy at most online casinos

– Includes Blackjack and Video Poker

– Undetectable by the online casinos

– Makes you tons of money!

Now how do I make money with Casibot?

It’s simple. First, you have to take advantage of the bonuses that online casinos offer. For example an online casino may offer a 100% sign up bonus up to $100. This means, if you deposit $100, the casino will credit you with an extra $100 on top of that! Free money!

But wait, you can’t cash it out just yet! You need to complete the wagering requirements that come with the bonus. For example, a casino may offer a bonus of 100% up to $100 with a wagering requirement of 10x your bonus amount. This means you must place $1,000 worth of bets in the casino before you can cash out.

Now you may be thinking, “How do I do that?” Well it’s quite simple actually. Every game at the casino comes with a house edge, and blackjack for example comes with one of the lowest with .45% IF you play perfect strategy. Now you take .45% and multiply it by $1000 (your wagering) and you get your expected gain from the bonus. So for this bonus it would be.0045 X 1000 = 4.5. Now take 4.5 and subtract it from your deposit (100-4.5) and you get $95.5 as your expected gain from this bonus!

Now think of doing this over and over again and you will be making $100’s, even $1000’s of dollars month after month! It really is that simple.

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