Foxy Poker – Uncovering What Foxy Poker Is All About And More!

Once upon a time there used to be a very popular game called foxy poker. This was one of the most popular online strip poker games out there.

It was an interesting concept. The idea was you would watch comic book babes take off their clothes. The more hands you win, the more tokens you won. You could use your tokens to buy clothing off the comic book babes so they could strip. This encouraged people to improve their poker game, so they could eventually see these girls naked.

Now if you starting losing hands and ran out of tokens, then the babes would buy back their clothes with a 10% surcharge. It was a very fun game and had many fans.

Unfortunately, foxy poker no longer exists. The website no longer offers the game. It has caused many fans to be disappointed.

While it lasted it did help many men improve their poker game. It is amazing what men will do in order to see women take off their clothes. The comic book element made the game even more exciting for some.

It is a mystery why exactly they shut down when they had such a huge following. We can only hope someone will come up with a similar application.

What it did is inspire others. There is going to be a foxy poker club opening in London soon inspired by the game. There are also several tournaments and poker rooms named after the game. It certainly left an impact in the Texas Hold Em world.

However, if you are serious about poker then this game wouldn’t take you far and you certainly wouldn’t be able to win any money. It is nice for a laugh but not for a real game.

If you are serious about playing online poker in a secure environment and want to get to the point where you can win big money then I know just the place for you.

You need to discover poker rooms that is full of amateurs (so you have a chance at winning!) and mega cash tournaments.  

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