Holdem Tactics – How To Control Yourself And Lose Less Money

Do you sometimes lose control and just play all wrong? Feel like you know the Holdem tactics to win but don’t do it right? Then read this now.

No matter how much success you have already had at Holdem, if you are just starting out or have actually been playing for quite a while, I know that you, like me, are interested in Holdem tactics that support you to controlling yourself at the poker table. Losing control is probably one of the biggest reasons otherwise good players go off-track and lose a lot of money.

Being a great poker player – making a very nice amount of money consistently – is achievable. In fact, it’s closer than you think. And it doesn’t matter what your past history is, where you are in your life right now, or how much experience you have in poker, you can reach a level of very consistent success in a very short time.

And if you haven’t yet had much success in poker, don’t worry, it’s not your fault. It can be many things, like your Holdem strategy, Holdem tactics or really just how you are managing your emotional state when you are playing. The very fact that you can give two different players the exact same cards and they will both react differently proves this very powerful area of poker that mostly goes unnoticed.

There are some dead simple ways to avoid ging on tilt. The first, is to understand and accept bad beats. Bad beats are just chance, or probability, where you are on the wrong side of things. You never think of bad beats when you get a lucky draw and win a lot of money but you do when you lose. By understanding that bad beats are just probability you can remove yourself from feeling like you are unlucky, or it’s your fault.

A very effective strategy – in life and for playing Holdem – is to not get into a bad situation. Essentially you are curing the problem by prevention, which is always a good tactic to use. Avoid making big bets on a punt that is stacked against your odds. Stop chasing ‘luck’. Always play consistently with the correct cards, the correct odds and make the correct bets.

Most often causes of negative emotional reactions are fear based. This can occur when you are risking money that really you can’t afford, or you lose a good proportion of money you have. You can negate this by always having a solid bankroll – one that can support that table limits your playing at. By having enough bankroll behind your stack you can ‘comfortably’ lose an amount of money without losing control.

If I was to put my finger on the single biggest reason why people lose control and lose a lot of money from going on tilt, getting frustrated, or playing the wrong cards, it would be that they don’t completed understand the fundamental Holdem tactics required to actually be successful. Simply put, you are playing in the wrong way, and losing due to that. The only thing I can suggest when you have this problem is to go and learn the correct strategies.

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