How Much Should a Poker Chip Weigh?

When you research the wide variety of poker chips available, you will also observe that there are different weights for each style of poker chip. They range from 9 grams right up to 13 grams. The question remains, just how much is the correct poker chip weight?

No doubt there is no cut and dry answer to give for this question. Weight of the chips is very much a matter of preference. Some of us are not satisfied with this answer and want to look deeper into the mystery.

When you really get down to basics, most chips are around 11.5 grams. The reason for this is unknown; perhaps it is just that there are a few more chips with this weight. Your usual poker player probably plays with chips of this weight because they are readily available and he does not go to the casino regularly.

But if you mean, “What size chip do the casinos use?” when you ask what the “right” weight is for a poker chip, then the answer is definitely not 11.5 grams. In fact, the answer becomes a bit of a moving target.

For instance the weight of a Las Vegas casino chip has some variables. The average chip is 10 grams. This is very likely to do with the weight of the clay in a certain size of chip. There are heavier chips of about 13 grams, but these have metal flakes added to make them heavier.

If you really want to be specific the correct weight would probably be around 10 grams. However it is all about individual tastes. Perhaps the 10 gram weight is a tad light for you and you want to play with the 11.5 gram or even the 13 gram chips.

Of course the ultimate decision will be if you and your poker friends are happy with a particular weight of chips. You want your poker friends to be happy as this will give a better atmosphere to your home games.

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