How To Keep A Great Poker Face-Using The NLP Technique Of Self Hypnosis

Have you ever seen a demo of the unbendable arm,

or a hypnotist stapling people on each other which are in a deep


Basically to do this, you do the same.

Of course, a fast start would be a deep relaxation anchor you already

have. If not, do the following:

Close your eyes. Relax your eyelids. Focus on your face. Slowly, taking the time you need, go into a trance. Relax

every single muscle in your face really deeply….

Go ahead and speak to them (yes, i am suggesting you speak with your

face): explain why you want them to stay as relaxed as possible for the

next x hours. Explain in positive and negative terms why and what is in

it for them.

Then tell them to relax as much as possible and only act when you want

them to, consciously, for the next few hours.

Now you got a really thorough poker face. You will see the trained eyes of

players helplessly wandering over your face, trying to find a hint, a

tell, bursting into tears because they cant find anything there.

Remember to set a time limit there, as you otherwise need to undo that

stasis manually.

You may wonder if there is anyone out there already using such techniques. Well, have you ever wondered why Gus Hanson looks like in a deep trance when playing in the top tournaments? I do not know if he does it this way or uses other hypno techniques, but the outcome is the same.

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