Lotto 649 Strategy

Just like other national lottery draws, Canada’s Lotto 649 can be deciphered as well. Though the numbers in these lotteries are randomly drawn, there is still a manner in which you would be able to figure out the pattern of draws formed. By carefully analyzing the past draws, you would see that there are patterns you could follow in order to predict the number combinations that are most likely to be the results for the next draws, leading to a higher possibility of hitting the jackpot.

A lot of lottery systems offer tips and strategies to enable you to fully understand how to pick your lottery numbers systematically and not just do random betting. These lottery systems would teach you how to make your number selections based on statistics of the past draws, therefore lessening the likelihood of losing money due to unevaluated bets. A proven effective lottery system would provide reliable strategies to almost every lottery variation in the world including that of Canada, the Lotto 649. In this lottery variation, a person would be required to pick six numbers out of 49. Normally, people just play around with the numbers they choose, picking their choices based on the birthdays of their relatives or their own or the numbers that they see in their dreams. This method however does not produce real results. In order to actually win the Lotto 649, you need to have an effective system in picking numbers.

An example of a reliable system in making your selection is to mix odd and even numbers and high and low numbers. Making a number selection filled with all even or all odd numbers would only reduce your chances of winning to 3%, so be sure to make a 4:2 or 3:3 proportion of odd and even numbers. You should never concentrate on picking all high or all low numbers in a selection. The low numbers (1 to 25) and the high numbers (26 to 49) should have the same proportion as the odd and even numbers. Following this method would surely increase your chances of hitting the jackpot to as much as 81%

Another technique you could use to win the Lotto 649 is to intentionally miss one or two number group in a selection. Often times, a draw combination only includes three to four number groups and miss out on one or two. A comprehensive lottery system would be able to provide sufficient instructions on how to identify which number groups to disregard and which groups you should play heavy on.

The key to successfully increasing the probability of winning the jackpot is to make sure that the sum of all your selected numbers falls between the range of 115 and 185. Go lower or higher than the given range and your chances of winning would also significantly decrease. Get more strategies from reliable lottery systems and you sure will ear n yourself consistent profits from Lottery 649 and others. No more random betting, for you already have a system that would tell you which numbers to pick.

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