Lotto Tricks and Tips To Win Big

Every day you’ll hear that someone has cashed in big and won the lotto. Everyone wants to win at the lotto and with a few lotto tricks up your sleeve, you too can cash in on the winnings and be a lotto winner.


Thanks to modern technology there are a wide variety of ways to cash in big on lotto winnings. One can use a lottery pick system and run numbers to decide which numbers to use when picking lotto numbers. You can run the odds and choose your numbers accordingly.

Lucky Number

Everyone has a lucky number or two. Choosing in this fashion may net you some winnings and it may not. You may decide that you have several lucky numbers and play them in a variety of combinations in order to try and win big. However, statistics show that the chance of winning simply by luck and using this method, are about 1 in 13,983,816 in other words, you have about one chance in 14 million of winning. Not so lucky after all when you consider the odds of winning by sheer luck alone.

Buying of Tickets

Many lotto players mistakenly believe that the more tickets they buy, the more likely they are to win. Most big winners actually only took a chance and purchased one lotto ticket. Not a great improvement.

Past Winners

According to past winners (one winner has won 7 times over), the lottery isn’t a game of luck at all. The lottery is based on probabilities. He wrote an entire ebook about this subject and of course, it’s selling like hot cakes.

Know Your Odds

If one watches a lotto drawing for a month or two, one will recognize that certain numbers seem to be drawn more readily than others. This include specific pairs of numbers being drawn more than other numbers as well. while other numbers never appear to be drawn at all. While less scientific than using the trick of technology for lotto tricks, this method does appear to work well for some lotto players. With a bit of practice this may at least net you four out of five numbers consistently.

Sequential Numbering

Rarely if at all do numbers get chosen sequentially such as 4,5,6,7,8,9. This isn’t a good way to play as this isn’t a common way for numbers to be chosen nor has any lottery ever before been won in this fashion.

Mix It Up

For better results, mix your numbers up by using single and double digit numbers. Nor should you choose all odd or all even numbers if you plan on winning.


Once you feel you have a good set of numbers, write them down and play them consistently. This seems to give a better likelihood of winning prizes in the lottery. Play these numbers every week consistently and eventually you just may find yourself richer by a decent sized win.

Wheeling Numbers

If you follow the “wheeling numbers” method, you’ll be more likely to choose a winning combination. When you wheel numbers you can then merge them into all sorts of combinations which may make a huge difference and increase your odds of winning. Add in an extra number and you increase your odds again, add in two extra numbers and you increase it yet again. You get the idea.

Many good lottery systems use a form of wheeling to work out the system and win the big bucks. Just double check your methods and choose one that is working well for you.

Following these lotto tricks and tips may help you win big.

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