LoveMyLotto – The Amazing New Lottery Syndicate

The lottery continues to grow in popularity with the introduction of more and more ways to play, starting with just the UK national lottery, it has now grown to UK lotto, Euromillions, daily play, and many more. Now especially with the current financial climate there seems to be more and more hopes and dreams being put on winning the lottery, and people are looking for better ways to play.

There are now some pretty new syndicate products on the market which are making it great value for money to play in the most popular lotteries in the one monthly subscription, with packages ranging from just £10 a month to £34 a month for the most comprehensive package, this includes playing in the UK lottery, both on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Euromillions draws and raffles, daily play lotteries, and even premium bond entries.

You enter into a syndicate of 21 people, and the syndicate is managed by a special team of dedicated syndicate managers, you do not need to worry about how many people you get to join, buying tickets, anything like that, everything is taken care of by the team leaving you with absolutely nothing to worry about. Even if there is not 21 people available at the time, these syndicates will cover the additional costs of your syndicate until the full 21 people have subscribed.

Playing the lottery is something that is done by millions of people all over the country every week, Getting better value for money is rarely something that is on offer when it comes to the lotto as the prices are fixed, but by joining a syndicate, you have the opportunity to play in more draws, more days and cover more different games, to give you a better coverage of all the available options when it comes to playing the lottery.

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