Planning The Perfect Casino Night Party

Casino night parties are among the most popular themed parties for adults. They allow for the use of your creative “juices” and for your imagination to run wild! Casino nights can be very elaborate, or quite simple depending on your available resources and budget. Should you decide on a large and elaborate affair, consider hiring a company to stage it. This article will focus on helping individuals plan and stage a successful casino night on their own.

The first consideration is where you will hold the party and how many guests you will invite. Your home bar area,(if you have one), is generally the best place. If you do not have a home bar area, a den or family room is just fine. The best possible scenario is if you own a gaming bar. These are beautiful pieces of furniture which also are equipped with gaming tools and accessories. Invite the number of guests that correlates with the games you want to play, and the space available. A good policy is to invite a few extra guests, as you know that some guests will not be able to attend. Be creative with your invitations. Party stores will have invitations geared toward casino nights. A cute idea is to place a poker chip inside the invitations to set the “mood.” It is perfectly appropriate to ask a few guests to bring extra poker chips and playing cards. As far as gaming tables or equipment, consult the Yellow Pages for companies that rent them.

It is always fun to pick a theme for your casino night. A popular theme would entail having male guests dress as “high rollers,” and female guests dressing as gaudily as possible. For the guys, suggest tuxedos or suits with shiny shoes. Top hats or mobster hats look cool on the guys, too. Have the ladies wear plenty of sequins and ornate costume jewelry. A really neat touch is to play “Viva Las Vegas,”( by Elvis,of course!), as your guests enter!

Find a few of your friends who have experience, and ask them to be dealers,etc. Make sure that you have plenty of volunteers, so you can rotate them. You want everyone to have a chance to have fun. Distribute an equal amount of play money to each guest. At the end of the evening, present a “gag” prize to the most successful gambler!

A couple of final tips. Food should be served buffet style. You might want to select music by popular Las Vegas performers, such as Elvis or Frank Sinatra. Hopefully these tips and suggestions have helped. A casino night party takes quite a bit of planning, but when planned properly, the results will help you become a “hit” with your friends!

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