Poker CPA Vs Poker Revenue Share – Which One Should You Choose As a Poker Affiliate?

Nowadays CPA is considered best method to earn money for poker affiliates even we all know that this is for short term gain only and it will affect the affiliate in the future. Therefore revenue share deal is considered good and better in comparison with CPA deal because a poker affiliate who is matured and successful in this affiliate business will earn more money in a period of about 2 years simply by referring good qualified players to a recognized brand.

Sometimes CPA deals are very attractive due to escalating cost of bringing poker players. This doesn’t means that companies will pay money to all affiliates easily, everyone should understand that companies are interested to pay CPA rates depending on the criteria that players will make more money rather than they are offered a revenue share deal.

I have a good experience of online gambling industry from more than 10 years and I have seen many small affiliates who are earning very good amount from some selected players. The reason for their success is that these affiliates choose revenue-share and therefore they continuously earn money from the players they referred after sending depositors. As an example I would like to tell that one good poker player can easily earn more than $1000 in a month, and if you choose CPA method then you would have earned just a small amount of $1000 from that player. One can easily earn money for lifetime if you choose revenue-share method.

One should select revenue-share instead of CPA as in the future it will be benefited for an affiliate sending qualified players. The average revenue-share amount is nearly 25-35 % commissions for the life of the player.

Suppose you bring an average of 5 depositors in a month and you were suppose to make $100 CPA for these players then you could earn $1000. Now if they generated an average of $50 a month from one depositor with the same players ($500 a month from all depositors). From this you will earn average of 30% of $500 which comes to total of $150. You could have easily made $1800 in commission for first year if the players are likely to stay with the same poker room for some years.

If this is not enough to convince you that working with affiliate programs is best on revenue share then kindly take a moment to think about yourself how would you feel if you refer all important VIP players that generates income of $1000 pounds a week in rake you got from CPA. One important factor which every affiliate person or affiliate manager must understand that fraud factor is high while working on CPA. This fraud is maximum when an affiliate creates a CPA deal with a program with intention of doing some fraud. The fraud has been decreased and is not high as earlier because now a days it is important to setup a limit before the CPA is released and therefore the fraud factor is under control.

According to my experience both CPA and revenue-share both have more value but as per my experience as poker affiliate manager I find revenue-sharing good to work for. There are some very big poker affiliates who earn six figures a month and their maximum commissions check comes from those players whom they have referred twelve months back.

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