Success Secrets – How A Poker Tip Can Change Your Life

I received a phone call 9 months ago and I pretty much ignored it.

I ignored it because I’m not much of gambler.

Hold on.

Don’t move.

Where I’m going with this is very important, so grab a Peach Snapple (I love Peach Snapples) and stay with me.

9 months ago I received a call from a good friend of mine I met in college.

He said, “Mike, you have to start playing poker. It’s just amazing. You can play with us next week in Mark’s home or just jump online and join a game. It’s such a rush.”

He was so excited, but I had to say, “Thanks, but no thanks, I’m not interested.”

About 2 weeks later I was channel surfing and I came across a poker tournament on TV.

Because of my friends ‘frantic’ EXCITEMENT, I stopped and watched.

I wanted to SEE why he was so excited.

It’s taken off.

Like the Beatles year’s ago.

Like ‘Cabbage Patch Kids’ (remember them?).

Follow me here because you’re about to discover a success insight that will change your life and make you mon.ey.

Poker has become a billion dollar business and the newest phenomenon around the world.

I got home from the office yesterday, got my mail, and saw the latest edition of Inc. magazine.

Who was on the front cover?

You got that right, the guy who started the Poker craze.

Oh baby, was I excited, this was going to be a great story to read.

And I was right.

Let me share with you 3 success secrets that Steve Lipscomb, the creator of the Poker craze, has used to build a $300 million dollar business and kick start a multi billion dollar industry.

1) Do Something You Love – Why did Steve Lipscomb even get into the poker business?

Because he started playing it, LOVED it, and saw a better way for poker to be ‘sold’. So simple, but so beautiful right?

What do you enjoy doing? What products or services have you bought in the past that revolve around your passion that you can improve and s.ell to other enthusiasts?

I always go through the same process with my coaching clients in helping them discover their passion and show them how to make mon.ey with it. The steps are so simple and always work – and that’s why I included them in ‘The Ultimate Lifestyle Workshop’.

2) Find A ‘Model’ That Works And Emulate It – After Steve decided to turn his poker passion into a business, he looked for a business model that he could emulate, that he could learn from.

We can learn so much from other businesses outside of our own.

Steve found the model of the PGA golf tour and used it to build his $300 million dollar business. Amazing.

My income tripled when I found a business model that worked with the business I was building.

But here’s what’s funny, this model could work for you in probably 50 other types of businesses.

I’ve only revealed my business model once in public, it was at ‘The Ultimate Lifestyle Workshop’, and I think it’s a big reason why people love it.

3) Ignore The Naysayers – Nobody believed in Steve Lipscomb. I know how that feels and it’s not too good. The cable companies, production companies,even people around him thought he was crazy.

They said, “Nobody would buy this”, but he believed in himself and his idea.

And that’s what YOU need to do.

By taking it 1 step at a time, celebrating each victory, Steve Lipscomb has now built a publicly traded company worth $300 million.

Pretty good for a guy with a passion and an idea.

Are you ready to stretch yourself, believe in yourself, and go for what you want?

Talk to you soon.

Mike Litman

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