The Surprise of an Online Roulette Bonus

Nowadays, more and more people are opting to play roulette online. They do this pursuit of a number of things. Those include the convenience that online casinos offer, the better quality of casinos often available on the Internet, and the opportunity to play with significantly smaller sums of money that playing roulette online comes with. People who would have loved to play roulette, but who can’t wish to be seen leaving a ‘brick and mortar’ casino also get to enjoy the games, right from the comfort of their homes (or even offices). And for reasons like those, online roulette turns out to be a favorite.

Now one thing that tends to rather surprising to people coming across it for the first time is the idea of the ‘roulette bonus;’ offered by some online casinos. The idea seems counter-intuitive, especially to people coming from some brick and mortar roulette playing backgrounds; where you tend to only play for what you have in your pocket. Coming from such a background then, the idea of a roulette bonus would for sure be a big surprise.

So how does the online roulette bonus work?

Well, in order to be in a position to understand how the online roulette bonus works, it is important to keep in mind the fact that online roulette is played in online casinos (just as traditional roulette was typically played in brick and mortar casinos). Now the way these online casinos work is such that members register with them, and build accounts there. They then proceed to add to those accounts the sums of money with which to play roulette online (that is, the amounts of money with which to place bets and the amounts of money with which to pay fees for the ‘house’).

So what happens when an online casino offers a ‘roulette bonus’ is quite a simple thing. They just tell their members that for every given sum of money they deposit into their accounts for playing roulette, the ‘house’ will add them another given sum of money. The other sum of money is usually quoted either in dollar amounts, or more typically, as a percentage of the money deposited, with a cap on the highest amount that can be added. Now it is this extra money that the online casino adds to members who deposit money into their roulette playing accounts there that is termed as a roulette bonus. Put another way, if you deposit into your roulette playing account some $200, and the house ‘adds you’ some $5, so that your balance reads $205, then the $5 added is the roulette bonus in your case. It is money with which you can play roulette as if it were your very own cash, out of pocket.

So, why do these online casinos give such roulette bonuses?

They do it because, for one, they want to attract new members (who get to hear that they are giving such bonuses which are essentially ‘free money’). They also do it in an effort to retain their members; as the roulette bonus goes a long way in showing the members that their membership is appreciated.

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