What Are the Advantages of a State Lottery?

State lotteries at times become hot topics whenever a state decides that it might be a good idea to start having one. While there are very good arguments on both sides of the issue that make sense, there are some advantages to having one without getting into any personal ethical or moral reasons against the concept of gambling.

The big reason why most states look into having a lottery is for revenue. Whenever there is money needed, generally speaking a state must look at ways of raising money just like you do with your own personal life when you need more money. One proven successful way of doing this is by having a lottery. Since they do work, this is why many tend to use this type of system for revenue.

Most of the time they are pretty easy to do. A lottery ticket is an item that can be mass produced with very limited risk. This is why this type of product becomes so profitable to the state.

Another advantage is that the government doesn’t have to raise taxes on citizen or businesses. If taxes are raised, there is generally people who lose elections because of it. A lottery for those in office is a safer choice since the money raised through this process is voluntary.

Generally speaking this money is raised to benefit schools. At times it does and does not happen, but overall revenues are raised in the process.

Since this extra money comes in, it can help with revenue shortfalls. Many states have not met their budgets recently because of shortfalls in projected taxes due to job loss and other factors.

From a management standpoint, many states simply tie into other programs that already exist. There are many systems that have potential winners from the lottery coming from multiple states. This is an advantage in the sense that it makes it easy to start this type of program since these systems are already proven to work.

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