Winning the Lottery With Subliminal Messages – Is it Possible?

You might be familiar with hypnosis programs which claim to induce a hypnotic trance and implant suggestions into your mind to help you win the lottery – but can this be done with just simple subliminal messages?

We think so, but everyone is different is the truth. Some people prefer hypnosis – they like this deep trance state and the feeling it gives and it can produce changes in the mind and body pretty quickly. Others like the more complimentary and natural method of subliminal messages. Unlike hypnosis you won’t enter a trance, and you typically listen while doing other activities so you don’t even notice the suggestions going in, but over time they build to make changes to your internal mind and belief systems.

The way winning the lottery subliminals work is by planting suggestions such as “I have won the lottery” “I am enjoying a life of abundance” “I am a lottery winner” “I will win the lottery”. These statements might sound quite simple, but they work to help you believe in winning the lottery, and even to slightly trick your mind for a split second that you have won the lottery.

It has been proven over and over that whatever we think about becomes attracted into our lives – our thoughts become our realities, and this is intensified when we really focus on something, and really believe it inside out. Subliminal audio doesn’t guarantee you will win the lottery on the next game, but it will make subtle yet powerful changes to your inner mind and help you to align your mind for success on the lottery.

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