WotLK Gold Farming Tips – Tricks and Secrets That Your Guildmaster Will Never Share With You

If you have found this article, I will play the odds and say you are looking for WotLK gold farming tips. There are many things you can do to make a fortune in World of Warcraft, the problem is that you want something that will work consistently that other people are not going to quickly jump on. The reality is that anything you may consider doing is also being done by other people already, you just need to get in there and get your cut.

The reality is, many of the markets in WoW have room for plenty of other people to also get involved in. If you really watch the flow of some items on the Auction House you will notice that items consistently flow in and out with little resistance. Oftentimes simply watching some of the auctions will give you many great ideas on what to farm. You need to just be careful of chasing the high ticket items.

The first thing everyone thinks of farming is anything with a high price tag. Items like the Darkmoon Faire decks fall into this category. Since these items are often worth hundreds, if not thousands, of gold, they are highly popular with farmers. So popular, in fact, that many players have leveled inscription to be able to make the cards for the decks. While they are worth quite a bit of gold, the cost is usually pretty close to the sale price leaving you with just a small amount of compensation for your time. 

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