2010 Color Variation Japanese Lottery Promo Cards

The most popular promotion in years is hitting the Pokemon community. In mid-July, 2010, there will be a new rare set of Japanese Pokemon cards coming out. This set is causing quite a stir in the Pokemon community.

From April, 2010 until June 30th, 2010, entries are being accepted. In order to enter this contest, you must be a Japanese resident and buy two packs of either Legends Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Revived Legends, or Lost Link. If you cut off the bar code from two of the packs and send it in to the lottery office, your name will be entered into a drawing for these beautiful card sets.

There are two different sets of rare Pokemon promo cards. Course “A” features Ho-oh and Lugia and course “B” features Suicune, Raikou, and Entei. You can only choose one course per entry. The thing that is different about these Pokemon promo cards is the fact that they have alternate color variations. Each character has a unique variation of its normal color. For example, Ho-oh has a blue tail and is more of a brown color. Lugia has a purple stomach, Raikou has a yellow mane, Suicune has a blue mane instead of purple, Entei has a gray face, etc. Also, each character has a unique skill that is unique to this lottery campaign. The black star promo numbers haven’t been released yet, but my guess is that its the missing numbers in the L-P series.

Going crazy yet?

Now the bad news. These cards are a lottery sweepstakes that is only open to Japanese residents. Only 1000 lucky winners will be chosen for each course. The winners will be notified and the promo cards sent out sometime in mid-July, 2010. Don’t expect to come across these for cheap prices. With only 1000 made of each set available, these will be very hard to get. Some of you may remember the last sweepstakes promotion that Pokemon had. Back in 2002, there was a similar lottery where the winner received either the Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise rare promo set, or the Meganium, Feraligatr and Typhlosion set. These cards sold for around $100 each. My guess is that this new set may be similar. But the difference is that the lottery in 2002 had 3000 made of each set. This time there is only 1000. My guess is these will be even more popular and unfortunately more expensive. I doubt that these cards will be made in English, so this will probably be the only time you will be able to get them.

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