World of Warcraft Wotlk – Best Tricks and Tips to Make Gold

If you are a serious WoW player you will know just how important gold is. You need to have enough to be able to train your abilities as well as buy gear and items. A lot of players don’t realize just how easy it is to make a surprisingly large amount of gold. Firstly, don’t even consider buying gold from illegal websites; this is against WoW’s Terms of Use and can get your account banned permanently!

So here are the best proven tips and tricks to make gold in WotLK:

1. Choose a gathering profession: These are vital to increasing your gold income.

– Mining: Engineers and blacksmiths are constantly needing miners to supply them with ore, and will pay a lot of gold for it. The best place to farm Iron and Mithril is the Arathi Highlands and for Arcane Crystals and Thorium head to the Eastern Plaguelands or the Burning Steppes.

– Skinning: Great for collecting valuable skins even while you are questing. Try Stranglethorn Vale where they are plenty of panthers and raptors.

– Herbalism: A very underrated profession that can be quite profitable. Farm plagueblooms in the Eastern and Western Plaguelands as well ass ghost mushrooms in the Hinterlands.

– Fishing: Fishing for pearls can be very rewarding. Black pearls go for around 10 gold per stack, while just one golden pearl will fetch at least 30 gold!

2. Combing gathering professions with service one is another great way to make a large amount of gold.

– Alchemy combined herbalism will bring you in plenty of gold very quickly. Focus on making major mana, greater fire protection and invisibility potions as these can go for a lot of money in the auction and are in constant demand.

– While Engineering can be a bit more complicated to make gold with, if you pair it with mining, once you know what you are doing the gold with start rolling in. Sniper Codes and the Salt Shakers will make you the most gold.

– Leatherworking works great with skinning as you can wear the armor you make saving you money on buying armor.

Also the left over armor you make can then be sold for a hefty profit.

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