FarmVille Hints – Useful Tips to Help You Learn to Improve Your FarmVille Skills

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook, it’s very likely that you are already familiar with FarmVille. Millions of people are playing this very addictive game. Whether you are new to the game or are a seasoned and experienced FarmVille player, you will enjoy learning these FarmVille hints and tips provided in this article that are designed to help you get to the top levels.

Step one is to make sure that you have used every area within your farm to earn profit. If you can find ways to utilize every area possible within the farm to turn a profit, you will be well on your way to mastering the game. The most profitable item to put on your farm are crops, so it is important to use all available space to plant them wherever you can. The areas within the farm where crops won’t fit properly is where you want to put all of your other elements, such as animals and trees.

Step two is to determine which plants are worth the most cash and be sure to only plant those types of crops. Pay attention, because in some cases you will only make as much as it cost to plant the crops in the first place, so there is no actual profit made. You should choose crops that make a lot of money, yet cost just a little to plant. It is important to note for the beginners, however, that you won’t be able to plant every type of crop until you increase your play level. You also want plants that will yield income as quick as possible, such as blueberries and strawberries that become profitable in 4 hours instead of in 4 days. While these types of crops don’t necessarily make a huge profit, they do pay out more often so it does add up quickly.

Step three is to realize that it is essential to have neighbors when playing FarmVille. You will be rewarded with cash and experience points when you help out your neighbors’ farm. If you can’t get your actual friends to join and play, there are FarmVille fan groups that you can join where you can find neighbors for your farm.

Here’s a couple of hints that will help you get over the tedium of clicking each and every square one at a time. Of course, as your farm grows, you’ll be clicking a lot more. You can cut down on the boredom factor using these top two methods.

Method #1 – Plant several different types of crops so they will be due for harvesting at different times. You will end up yielding more profit over time, but you also won’t have to click your entire farm all at once.

Method #2 – Spend the money and get a seeder as well as a tractor. Using this equipment will reduce your overall workload and amount of clicking, as well as help you to plant faster, creating four squares at a time for each crop.

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