How to Win the Lottery

In order to understand how to win the lotto, you must understand the odds of winning and which lottery games to actually play. How to win the lottery is nothing easy, you need to invest your money and learn how to win at pick 3. The reason being, the pick 3 lottery gives you the best odds of winning out of any game. See below:

The pick odds of winning 1:1000

Odds of winning the Lottery = 120,000,000:1

Odds of being struck by Lightning = 2,650,000:1

You are 45 more times likely to get struck by lightning and die then win the lottery. Do NOT COUNT ON THIS!

The pick 3 is the only lottery game that gives you a legitimate chance of winning. You can throw how to win the lotto out the door. There really isn’t a method to winning the lottery but a lot of luck and prayer. You do not need that to win at pick 3.

To win at pick 3 all you need to do is develop a great pick 3 lotto system. The first thing you need to do is throw out all Triple combinations. Those are 000, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999. In order to win those, you seriously need some luck. On an average pick 3 drawing, you will see a triple number 1 out of every 100 drawings. You have to HAVE THE CORRECT triple number set win this 100th drawing comes to even have a shot at winning. That is why you need to just ignore triples and never play them, unless you are just feeling extremely lucky about it. Doubles are not that good to play either. These numbers consist of 221, 334, 667, 858, etc… they do not occur that frequently either. I would strongly advise not playing these combinations either. You need to stick to unmatched numbers such as 123, 325, 809, 341, etc… These numbers have given proven winning results month after month no matter what state you are in.

If you can master winning the pick 3 lottery by coming up with a system to consistently win at pick 3, you can be rolling in the dough week after week. The possibilities of how much you can make are endless. On average, you can be well on your way to making over $1000.00 a week once you get the hang of it. Many people want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on lotto software that is absolutely useless which half the time gives you triple and double numbers that are almost impossible to win! Seriously, stop wasting your money in useless garbage and just learn about unmatched numbers. You can’t go wrong. Take a look at your local states pick 3 winning numbers for the month. I bet you at least 23 out of 30 are unmatched numbers. Going with unmatched numbers and a proven formula will make your chances of winning the pick 3 lottery go from 1 out of 1000 to more like 950 out of 1000. I hope this information helps and good luck!

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